Sampling instructions for taking cheek swabs from animals



The cheek swab kit contains:

• 2 x sterile brushes (two brushes for one animal)

• Long yellow envelope for placing the brushes

Cheek swab collection procedure:

Recommendation: Take samples of one animal only at a time! If you have to take samples of several animals, first finish completely the sample collection from the first animal before you continue with the other one. In this way, you prevent the mutual contamination of samples.

1. Label legibly the enclosed yellow envelope with the animal identification data.

2. The oral cavity of the animal should be clean before the cheek swab. The animal should not eat or drink 15 minutes before the sample collection.

3. Remove the sterile brush from the packaging. Do not touch the brush! Pay attention that the brush does not get into contact with other surface than the cheek of the examined animal.



4. instruction Place the brush between the cheek and the jawbone, and firmly scrape the brush against the inside of the animal’s cheek 10 times in the opposite directions, rolling the brush to coat with cells.instruction Try to coat the brush on all sides with cells from cheek mucous. Do not brush tongue and saliva. After finishing, you should be able to see the cells coating the brush.


5. instruction Air dry the brush for several minutes – don’t put it down, hold the brush in the hand. A wet brush may cause that fouling process is started on the way to the laboratory.

6. instruction Place the dry brush directly in the labelled yellow envelope.                                                  

7. Repeat the procedure in paragraphs 3–6 using the second brush. Both brushes place into the same envelope and seal it.

8. For sending samples follow instructions of your laboratory. We recommend you to send samples in bubble envelope.

Sampling of nursed youngs:
Swab youngs about 30 minutes after last nursing to avoid sample contamination with mother's cells! Detach each young from mother and siblings for about 20 minutes before sampling to avoid mutual licking. It is better to feed the young with normal food and then wait for about 20 minutes without eating and drinking.