Sampling instructions for taking cheek swabs from humans



The cheek swab kit contains:

  • 2x sterile brushes

  • Long yellow envelope for placing the brushes

Cheek swab collection procedure:

1. Label legibly the enclosed.yellow envelope with identification data.

2. Wait at least 15 minutes after eating and drinking for sample collection.

3. Take the sterile brush out of the packet. Make sure that the brush does not touch any other surface than the inside of the mouth of the person to be sampled.



4. instructionPlace the brush between the cheek and gums and rub the buccal inside the mouth about 10times using an up and down motion as you rotate the swab. Try to make sure that both sides of the brush come into contact with the buccal. After the sample is taken, you should see the collected buccal cells on the brush.


5. instructionLet the brush air dry for short time – please hold it in your hand, do not put it down on any surface. The wet brush may begin to putrefy on the way to the laboratory.

6. instructionPlace the dry brush directly into the long specimen envelope marked with the sample identification.   


7. Repeat the sample collection with the second brush. Place it to the first brush into the same specimen envelope.   

8. Close and seal the envelope.

9. For sending samples follow instructions of your laboratory. We recommend you to send samples in bubble envelope.