Product description


We deliver universal sampling tools suitable for taking samples for genetic testing from humans and animals.
Our cytobrushes are able to collect lots of buccal cells. So the laboratory can have enough material even for demanding analysis. Cytobrushes usually collect more cells than cotton swabs.

  • Our collecting kit is used for taking samples of buccal cells for genetic testing
  • Cytobrushes are used for performing cheek swab
  • Easy to use kit contains two cytobrushes and one envelope for storing both cytobrushes with collected cells
  • Suitable for both humans and animals
  • Cytobrushes are suitable for taking sample for all kind of genetic tests – tests for diseases and also paternity tests
  • Cytobrushes are suitable for many DNA tests of all kinds of animals
  • Just take a sample, insert cytobrushes into envelope and send them to the laboratory

We recommend taking two swabs from one individual. Two cytobrushes provide much more biological material, especially in the case the sampling has not been performed properly.

For sampling please keep instructions, see our video tutorial for humans or  for animals.